Moncton Residents' Top Questions on Electricity Rates

Get the inside scoop on electricity rates in Moncton: average bills, NB Power's policies, heating costs, rebates, and more. Your ultimate guide to understanding New Brunswick's energy scene for 2023.

Moncton Residents' Top Questions on Electricity Rates: All You Need to Know

Hey there! You, yes, you—the one pondering your electricity bill while basking in the soft glow of a New Brunswick evening. Maybe you're new to Moncton, or perhaps you've been here a while and have been too polite to ask. We've got your back. Let's delve into your most burning questions about electricity rates in our lovely province.

  1. What's the Average Electric Bill in New Brunswick? Well, friend, it's about $0.127 per kWh, and if you're like most folks using around 1,000 kWh monthly, that's roughly $127 each month. Bet you're relieved it hasn't jumped since 2022, eh?
  2. Are NB Power Rates Going Up This Year? Good news! Our electricity rates are some of the lowest in all of Atlantic Canada. But don't just take our word for it—have a gander right here.
  3. What's the Big Picture with NB Power's Energy Policy? NB Power isn't just about powering our homes; they're serious about the environment too. Their policy revolves around being top-notch in environmental performance while delivering reliable, low-carbon energy. That's some forward-thinking right there!
  4. And What About Heating Bills? If your house runs on electricity, you're probably shelling out around $4,418 annually for heating and appliances. Are those mixing it up with heating oil and electricity? Close behind at about $4,335.
  5. Why the Hefty Price Tag for NB Power? Lori Clark, N.B. Power's big cheese, shared that fuel and purchased power costs jumped by a whopping $102.8 million in just one year. Blame it on the rising natural gas and heavy fuel oil market prices.
  6. Any Energy Rebates to Help Out? Absolutely! If your household is pulling in $70,000 or less annually, you could be eligible for some sweet home upgrades for free. Businesses can also get in on the action with a 25% rebate on approved energy upgrades.
  7. Solar Power Rebates, Anyone? Oh, you're going green? Good on you! The Total Home Energy Savings Program (THESP) by Énergie NB Power might be your jam. The solar rebate can be between $0.20/watt and $0.30/watt, all based on how many energy upgrades you tackle.

And don't forget, New Brunswick is a gem—salmon-filled rivers, lush forests, and of course, our iconic Bay of Fundy. So whether you're here for a visit or thinking of making it your forever home, it's good to know the costs of settling in. Check out this handy guide for more details on utilities and living costs in 2023.

There you have it! Now you can proudly say you know about Moncton's electricity rates. So next time you’re out n' aboot, feel free to share your newfound wisdom.

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