Solar Conditions & Ham Radio Propagation

HF Band Info

Daytime Conditions

Nighttime Conditions
3.5 - 7.3 MHz
10.1 - 14.35 MHz
18.068 - 21.45 MHz
24.89 - 29.7 MHz

Solar Conditions

Sunspot Number
Derived from num of sunspots + groups. From 0 to 250, higher better
Solar Flux
Overall Solar Activity on 10.7cm. From 62.5 to 300, higher better
Geomagnetic Storm
Overall activity of Earth's magnetic field. Based on K-Index.
Solar Wind
Speed of Solar Wind in KM/s. Typically 0-1000, lower better; Contributes noise
Noise Floor
Noise Contributed by Solar Activity.

Other Solar Conditions

Average Geomagnetic Activity
Geomagnetic Field Disturbance. From 0 to 10, lower better
Intensity of X-Rays in Ionosphere. A, B, C, M, X Indicates Magnitude
304 Å Value
Total Solar Radiation at 30.4nm (Emitted by Ionized Helium)
Proton Flux
Density of Charged Protons in Solar Wind. Impacts E-Layer.
Electron Flux
Density of Charged Electrons in Solar Wind. Impacts E-Layer.
F2 Crit. Frequency
Highest Frequency that reflects back from F2 Layer.
Maximum Usable Frequency
Maximum Usable Frequency for Sky-Wave Propagation.

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Prediction data provided by NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
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