The Top YouTube Channels In New Brunswick

Dive into New Brunswick's essence with top YouTube channels showcasing maritime wonders, family adventures, and vital cybersecurity tips. Explore, learn, and journey virtually through the heart of the Maritimes!

Discovering New Brunswick: The Top Canadian Maritime Travel YouTube Channels

Nestled on Canada's eastern shores, New Brunswick offers more than just scenic beauty. It’s a tapestry of rich history, maritime wonder, and a burgeoning digital landscape. In this era, YouTube channels have become our windows to the world, and when it comes to New Brunswick, some channels particularly stand out. They don’t just showcase the region—they tell stories, offer insights, and even equip us with critical knowledge. Here are the must-follow channels straight from the heart of the Maritimes.

Out N' Aboot: A Homecoming Tale

There's no place like home; for Missy and Stuart, home is where the heart of the Maritimes is. After traversing the vastness of North America and immersing themselves in the RV culture for 18 months, the allure of New Brunswick proved irresistible. Today, through their channel "Out N' Aboot," the duo paints a vivid canvas of the province's landmarks, delicious eateries, and the small nuances that make the Maritimes special. Their channel doesn't merely display tourist spots; it's a love letter to a place they hold dear. Check out our channel and subscribe today.

RiverVids: Immersive Maritimes Experience with Mike

Mike of RiverVids isn't just a local; he's an enthusiast with an eye for the captivating and adventurous spirit. Whether it’s the ethereal beauty of the underwater world through SCUBA and snorkeling adventures or the panoramic aerial views captured through drones, Mike ensures his audience gets a holistic experience of the Atlantic provinces. His videos seamlessly weave history, nature, and personal insights, giving viewers a profound appreciation of New Brunswick and its neighboring regions. Dive into Mike's world on his channel here.

A Tribe Called Owens: From Hockey Rinks to Maritime Explorations

It's not every day that a former New York Rangers draft pick decides to set roots in New Brunswick. Once a stalwart in the American Hockey League, Jordan Owens embarked on a cross-country journey with his family to find a tranquil and fulfilling life in New Brunswick. Their channel, "A Tribe Called Owens," isn’t just about travel; it’s a narrative of a family rediscovering their purpose, finding adventures, and embracing the Maritime way of life. With a history of living in various global locales, the Owens family brings a unique, world-wise perspective to their Maritime adventures. Share their journey here.

BeckTek: Vital Cybersecurity Insights with Scott Beck

Diving a bit off the travel track, we find a gem in Scott Beck from Riverview. Operating BeckTek, a reputed IT service firm in Moncton, Scott's channel is a beacon for cybersecurity enthusiasts. Even though his content isn't travel-centric, its pertinence to the digital age makes it indispensable for everyone in New Brunswick. Having known Scott for years, we can vouch for the invaluable information he imparts, making the digital realm a safer place for all. Subscribe here.

We Love Saint John: From West To East Coast

"We Love Saint John" is an exemplary YouTube channel, born out of genuine admiration for Saint John, New Brunswick, after its creators transitioned from the bustling suburbs of Vancouver, BC, in April 2018. They were captivated by the coastal city's intoxicating blend of oceanic views, invigorating air, and affable communities. This sentiment manifested into unfiltered video portrayals, granting viewers an intimate, first-person perspective of Saint John's charm and allure. The channel's success, marked by a flood of positive reception, celebrates the city's spirit and has evolved into a beacon for relocation advice. The creators' ensuing journey as licensed realtors with Royal LePage Atlantic further underscores their commitment to the community and positions them as both cultural ambassadors and trusted property consultants. Check them out.

Subscribe To These Great New Brunswick YouTube Channels

With its maritime magic, New Brunswick has found passionate advocates in these YouTube channels. Viewers get more than just picturesque views through their lenses—they experience stories, adventures, and a genuine love for the region. Whether planning a visit or seeking to rekindle your affection for the Maritimes, these channels will surely guide and inspire. As the digital age allows us to explore the world from the comfort of our screens, creators like these make every click and view a journey worth embarking on.

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