Trail Closure on Humphreys Brook Trail (August 15, 2023 Update)

Get the latest scoop on Moncton's trail developments! Dive into our in-depth coverage of the Humphreys Brook Trail closure and the much-anticipated Pommier Trail expansion. Your go-to source for all trail updates and city news.

Moncton Trail Update: What Users Need to Know About The Upcoming Closure and Enhancements

Moncton, NB - Trail enthusiasts and residents in the City of Moncton are set to see significant upgrades in their outdoor experiences. However, the path to improvement often requires temporary inconveniences. Starting Wednesday, 12 July, users of the popular Humphreys Brook Trail must recalibrate their routes. A 1.5 km stretch of the trail, specifically the segment from Harrisville Boulevard to the Pommier Trail, will be out of bounds for the public until Monday, 30 October.

Humphreys Brook Trail

Why the Closure?

At the core of this decision is the city's commitment to enhancing the quality and safety of its public trails. The closure will facilitate two significant undertakings:

  1. Repairs to Humphreys Brook Trail: Over time, trails, much like any other infrastructure, suffer from wear and tear. To ensure that residents and visitors enjoy a seamless experience, the City has earmarked this section of the trail for necessary refurbishments.
  2. Completion of the Pommier Trail at Newcombe Drive: Trail expansions are always exciting news for outdoor aficionados. The Pommier Trail's final portion is nearing its completion at Newcombe Drive. This move is anticipated to augment the trail length and enhance the users' overall trail experience.

Both these endeavours point towards one direction: Moncton's vision to elevate its green and outdoor spaces to world-class standards, ensuring they remain inviting, safe, and enjoyable for all.

Navigating the Closure

During this closure, trail users are advised to seek alternative routes and exercise caution around the designated areas. It's not just about safety but also about allowing the repair and construction crews the space and convenience to expedite the work, ensuring timely completion.

City's Note of Gratitude

Any change, especially one that causes a temporary halt in routine, can be a tad inconvenient. Recognizing this, the City of Moncton extends its heartfelt apologies for any potential disruptions this decision may cause in the daily routines of its citizens. More so, it wishes to convey its profound appreciation for the patience, understanding, and cooperation that the residents and public have always displayed. Such collective spirit ensures that Moncton remains a vibrant community that thrives on mutual respect and shared aspirations.


The temporary closure of a section of the Humphreys Brook Trail underscores Moncton's unyielding commitment to maintaining and enhancing its outdoor spaces. While it may pose a brief adjustment period for its frequent users, the eventual outcome promises a more refined, safe, and extended trail experience. As summer progresses, whether you're an avid jogger, a cyclist, or someone who enjoys a stroll, the soon-to-be-improved trails await your footprints. Here's to fresh air, scenic views, and the City's dedication to preserving and elevating its green heartbeat.

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