Finding Moncton's Best Donair: A Journey to Fahda's Pita Wrap

Embark on a culinary journey with Stuart and Missy as they uncover Moncton's best donair at Fahda's Pita Wrap. From authentic Lebanese cooking to the best shawarma in town, discover why Fahda's is a must-visit destination for foodies in Moncton.

A Quest for the Best Donair

Out N' Aboot's Stuart and Missy embarked on a quest to uncover the best donair in Moncton. Their search, driven by countless reviews, social media buzz, and Reddit threads, led them to the doors of Fahda's Pita Wrap on Main St. in downtown Moncton. Known for their exceptional quality and savoury flavours, Fahda's was primed to deliver an unforgettable donair experience.

Canada's East Coast is renowned for its iconic donairs, often deemed the best in the country. Stuart has a soft spot for Jimmy's A & A Deli in Calgary. But a quick trip to Calgary isn't feasible when the craving strikes in Moncton.

The Fahda's Experience

Their experience at Fahda's was nothing short of impressive. Scoring a solid 9 out of 10, it's clear this spot knows its way around a donair. Stuart opted for the traditional beef donair, priced at a reasonable $13.99. On the other hand, Missy decided to expand her culinary horizons by choosing the beef donair platter and later opted to make her own donair.

The location, right across from the Avenir Centre, makes Fahda's an easy choice for those looking to satisfy their donair cravings in downtown Moncton.

Not Just Donairs

While Fahda's reigns supreme in the donair department, they've also earned themselves the title of 'Best Shawarma in Town.'

Fahda's foundation stems from the heart of Lebanon, where, as Fahda herself explains, everyone cooks. This cultural essence shines through in their cooking, as all their offerings are made fresh and from scratch. This commitment to authenticity and quality elevates Fahda's from just another eatery to a must-visit culinary landmark.

Why Choose Fahda's Pita Wrap?

  1. Exceptional Donairs: Stuart and Missy's rave reviews speak volumes about the quality of Fahda's donairs.
  2. Authentic Shawarma: With the title of 'Best Shawarma in Town', it's hard to resist trying their shawarma.
  3. Fresh and Homemade: The emphasis on fresh, homemade dishes brings a touch of authenticity to every bite.
  4. Central Location: Situated across from the Avenir Centre, Fahda's is a convenient quick meal or takeout stop.
  5. Cultural Culinary Experience: Fahda brings a piece of Lebanon to Moncton, providing a cultural and culinary experience like no other.

Next time you're out and about in Moncton and find yourself craving a donair or shawarma, stop by Fahda's Pita Wrap. This local gem has mastered the art of crafting tantalizing Middle Eastern delicacies.

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