Moncton Wildcats to Host Prestigious 2024 QMJHL Entry Draft

Join the Moncton Wildcats as they proudly host the esteemed 2024 Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) Entry Draft. As revealed by the league Commissioner, Mario Cecchini, the event promises to be a monumental occasion in the junior hockey calendar.

Fenplast-Presented 2024 QMJHL Draft to Spotlight Moncton as Esteemed Host

In a significant development that further solidifies Moncton's status as a hub for junior hockey, the Moncton Wildcats will play host to the coveted 2024 Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) Entry Draft, as announced by league Commissioner Mario Cecchini today. This major reveal came during a well-attended press conference at the state-of-the-art Avenir Centre, further elevating the spirit of the Wildcats' fans and the community.

Making History with a Renewed Tradition

Reviving the tradition of an in-person Entry Draft last June in Sherbrooke was met with widespread success, marking an important milestone in the QMJHL's timeline. In highlighting the significance of this event, Commissioner Cecchini shed light on the draft's profound impact on young athletes and their families.

"The QMJHL Entry Draft is not just another event; it's a monumental turning point in these young talents' lives," expressed Cecchini. "This platform provides a unique opportunity for them to connect with the community that will stand by their side throughout their promising major junior careers. It is a grand entrance to their initiation into the QMJHL family."

The Stage is Set for June 8, 2024

Scheduled to take place on June 8, the 2024 draft will be the second time the Wildcats have the honour of hosting the prestigious event. It's been fifteen years since the Moncton Coliseum, the Wildcats' previous home ground, was the backdrop for this much-anticipated event in 2009. The Avenir Centre, the Wildcats' abode since 2018, promises to offer an awe-inspiring atmosphere for the prospects waiting to hear their names announced by the QMJHL teams.

Moncton Wildcats – Gearing Up for a Remarkable Season

Robert K. Irving, President of the Moncton Wildcats, shared his enthusiasm about the upcoming season and the opportunity to host the 2024 QMJHL Entry Draft.

"Supported by Events Moncton, we are honoured to have been selected to host the QMJHL Entry Draft in our city once again," Irving stated. "The forthcoming season is poised to be exciting, as we will be hosting the draft and the 2024 Kubota CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game. We are eager to offer an unforgettable experience to our fans and the community."

Undoubtedly, 2024 will be an exciting year for the Moncton Wildcats and their fans, marking a notable chapter in the franchise's history. Moncton's ardently hockey-loving populace and the magnificent Avenir Centre will ensure a welcoming environment for these talented, young hockey prospects, making their transition into major junior careers memorable.

The 2024 QMJHL Entry Draft, presented by Fenplast, is thus slated to be a spectacular showcase of young talent, a celebration of hockey, and a community-binding event that will provide the perfect stepping stone for the major junior careers of these talented athletes.

In conclusion, the Moncton Wildcats are set for an exhilarating season, hosting the 2024 QMJHL Entry Draft and the Kubota CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game. This marks a significant progression in the league's history and a testament to Moncton's position in the world of junior hockey. It is a monumental leap forward for the young prospects and their families and a testament to the potential of junior hockey in the region. This season promises unprecedented excitement, talent revelation, and community celebration with the Wildcats at the helm.

Moncton Eyes Greater Visibility and Economic Boost Through the Hosting of the 2024 QMJHL Entry Draft

Cementing its place on the junior hockey map, Moncton is set to reap substantial economic rewards and media attention by hosting the 2024 Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) Entry Draft. This noteworthy event will draw prospects, their families, and a large media entourage to Moncton, highlighting the city's charm and potential.

“We eagerly anticipate the arrival of these young talents and their families in Moncton for this transformative event in their sports careers,” stated Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold. “Our joy knows no bounds as the Moncton Wildcats gear up to host the QMJHL Entry Draft 2024. The Wildcats hold a special place in our community. Their contribution extends beyond the ice rink. We can't wait to meet these budding athletes who will undoubtedly contribute to communities spanning Maritimes and Quebec.”

With its eyes firmly on providing a warm welcome, Moncton is equally committed to guaranteeing a remarkable experience for the guests during their stay at the event.

Bill Whalen, the Co-Chair of Events Moncton, expressed his pride in the partnership with the Moncton Wildcats to host the QMJHL Draft in June 2024. “This eminent event signifies an exhilarating juncture in the lives of numerous young players and their families as they wait for the pivotal moment when their names are called out for showcasing their hockey prowess in the Q. Rest assured, the entire city is buzzing with anticipation to extend a warm welcome to all our guests. The Avenir Centre and the surrounding Downtown Place will resonate with music and excitement, offering our visitors and locals a taste of traditional Maritime hospitality,” he added.

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