What Are Storm Chips?

Discover the cultural phenomenon of storm chips in Atlantic Canada. Delve into its origins, from a casual on-air comment to a symbol of community resilience during blizzards and hurricanes. Find out how a snack became a tradition.

Storm Chips in Atlantic Canada: Weathering All Storms, One Crunch at a Time

As tempestuous clouds gather over Atlantic Canada, whether in the form of snow-laden winter squalls or turbulent tropical storms, a singular tradition emerges as a beacon of comfort amidst nature's fury. Enter Storm Chips.

A Delicious Response to Nature's Wrath

It's intriguing how cultures respond to the vagaries of weather. As storm clouds form and meteorologists issue warnings in Atlantic Canada, another sign indicates a significant weather event's approach: the frantic rush for chips and other salty snacks. Indeed, storm chips have evolved into a cultural phenomenon, with their origins rooted in the anticipation of severe weather - from blizzards to hurricanes.

Storm Chips: From Casual Remark to Cultural Icon

But where did this quirky custom originate?

The phenomenon can be traced back to a casual on-air conversation in 2014. Stephanie Domet, who hosted the Mainstreet Halifax program on CBC Radio One, made an offhand remark about her plans to pick up some chips and dip in preparation for an upcoming blizzard. An enthusiastic discussion followed with a colleague who shared similar snack preparation rituals in his household.

This seemingly inconsequential chat resonated with listeners. Suddenly, the idea that storm preparations included a trip to the snack aisle gained traction. Media outlets noticed the pattern, and reports of noticeable spikes in chip sales emerged whenever a major storm was on the horizon.

The Flavor of the Storm

It wasn't long before savvy businesses saw an opportunity. Enter Covered Bridge with their specially branded "Storm Chips." Designed specifically for those blustery days, the chips combined multiple flavors in one bag. Creamy Dill, Homestyle Ketchup, Smokin' BBQ, and Salt & Vinegar - a flavor flurry to rival the storm outside. The 284g stout bags, available in cases of eight, soon became a must-have for many households bracing for the elements.

While initially linked to winter storms, the storm chip trend has grown to encompass all weather extremes. Whether Atlantic Canada faces a snowstorm or a hurricane, residents find solace in the crispy comfort of their favorite storm chips.

Beyond Just a Gimmick

What began as a media gimmick has now become a full-fledged cultural phenomenon. But it's more than just about snacks; it's about community and shared experiences. It's a testament to the region's spirit of finding joy and comfort amidst challenges, a way to add flavor to the unyielding moods of Mother Nature, be it the icy touch of winter or the tempestuous gusts of a hurricane.


Storm chips encapsulate Atlantic Canada's resilience and sense of community. They stand as a reminder that even in the face of nature's most daunting challenges, a simple shared tradition can bring warmth, connection, and a touch of flavor.

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