Skipper Jack's Maritime Restaurant

Awesome Fish & Chips In Moncton

Join Stuart and Missy on their culinary adventure at Skipper Jack's Maritime Restaurant in Moncton, NB. Experience a quintessential British dish - Fish and Chips - as they delve into their family tradition, rate the food and ambiance, and recommend this maritime marvel for a memorable meal. An unmissable read for food lovers exploring Atlantic Canada!

Savouring the Taste of Tradition at Skipper Jack's Maritime Restaurant in Moncton, NB

Moncton, New Brunswick, a city beautifully encapsulates Atlantic Canada's charm, presented our beloved travellers Stuart and Missy with a cold, rainy Friday evening. Despite being the summertime month of June, the prospect of firing up the grill was quickly dismissed. However, this inclement weather did not dampen their spirits. Instead, it was a perfect backdrop for the duo's cherished family tradition - savouring Fish and Chips on a Friday night.

A Time-Honoured Tradition

As descendants of British families, Stuart and Missy have a deep-rooted affection for this quintessentially British dish. Their search for the finest Fish and Chips has always been integral to their culinary adventures. This Friday was no different, and they found themselves at the doors of Skipper Jack's Maritime Restaurant, a beloved establishment on Mapleton Road in Moncton.

Skipper Jack's: A Maritime Marvel

Recently, Skipper Jack's underwent a series of renovations, expanding its offering with an all-new fish market. This exciting addition showcases an array of the freshest seafood from the region, including delectable live lobsters, mouthwatering Bay of Fundy scallops, and many fresh fish varieties. With its inviting atmosphere and aroma of sizzling seafood, the restaurant provided a cozy refuge from the chill and drizzled outside.

An Unforgettable Feast

Stuart and Missy, always ready for a hearty meal, decided to indulge in the two-piece Fish and Chips. While Skipper Jack's offers a three-piece serving, they found the two-piece option was perfectly portioned to satisfy their appetites without overwhelming their senses.

Taste of Tradition: The Fish and Chips Experience

As soon as the meal arrived, it was clear that the kitchen at Skipper Jack's truly honoured the British culinary tradition. The fish, encased in a crispy golden-brown batter, was made from tender haddock that broke apart in delicate flakes. The chips were a tantalizing treat — crispy on the outside, yet fluffy on the inside — perfect companions to the fish. And no Fish and Chips experience is complete without a serving of mushy peas, their sweet, earthy flavour serving as an ideal counterpoint to the deep-fried delights.

Stuart and Missy's Verdict

The Fish and Chips at Skipper Jack's more than lived up to their expectations. Their taste buds took a delightful journey, evoking nostalgia for their family tradition. Coupled with the welcoming ambience, cordial staff, and standout meals, Missy and Stuart were thoroughly impressed. They scored Skipper Jack's an impressive 8.5 out of 10.

The Ultimate Recommendation

So, if you find yourself in Moncton, battling a cold, rainy day, or simply looking for a place serving a timeless dish, consider visiting Skipper Jack's Maritime Restaurant. Whether you're a Fish and Chips connoisseur like Stuart and Missy, or a foodie seeking a delicious and hearty meal, Skipper Jack's promises to deliver an experience worth remembering.

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