Does My Dog Need a License in Moncton?

Explore the ins and outs of pet licensing in Moncton in this comprehensive blog post from Out N' Aboot. Learn whether your dog requires a licence, how to apply, benefits of licencing, and the potential penalties for non-compliance. Let's help you navigate these regulations for your furry friend's wellbeing.

Does My Dog Need a License in Moncton? Essential Guide

Deciding whether your furry friend needs a dog license in Moncton can be confusing. It's essential to understand the requirements and regulations in your city to ensure you stay compliant and keep your dog safe.

In Moncton, all dogs must have a license unless they are microchipped. If your dog has a microchip, they are exempt from the licensing requirement, but you still need to register your pet with the city. Complying with these rules makes it easier to reunite with your dog if they ever go missing and ensures you're following local laws.

To obtain a dog license, you'll need to visit the City of Moncton's website to find information on obtaining a license and when to renew it. The process is simple and smooth, so adhere to these guidelines to give your dog the protection they need.

Dog Licensing Requirements

Age and Vaccination Requirements

To ensure responsible pet ownership, all dogs in the City of Moncton must have a dog licence unless they are microchipped. Microchipped dogs are exempt from licensing but must still follow other regulations. Your dog must be at least three months old to obtain a licence. Moreover, it is essential to have your dog vaccinated against rabies before it can be licensed. Keep your dog's vaccination records handy, as you may need to present them while applying for or renewing the license.

Service and Therapy Dogs

Service and therapy dogs are crucial in providing assistance and emotional support to individuals with disabilities or special needs. In Moncton, these dogs are generally exempt from the standard licensing fees. However, you still need to obtain a licence for your service or therapy dog and comply with the licensing regulations set by the city. Ensure your dog has proper documentation and certification to confirm its status as a service or therapy animal. This will help ensure a smooth licensing process and avoid potential issues concerning your dog's status.

Application Process

Registration Fees

In Moncton, it's essential to get a dog licence for your furry friend. The registration fees may vary depending on whether your dog is spayed/neutered or not. Make sure you check the official website for the most up-to-date fee structure.


Remember that your dog's licence is valid for one year from the date it's issued. It's essential to renew it promptly to avoid any potential issues. Remember when it's due, as you'll receive a renewal reminder before the licence expires.

Late Fees

You may encounter late fees if you don't renew your dog's licence on time. To avoid additional charges, ensure you proactively keep track of the expiry date and take necessary action. Your dog must also wear a collar displaying its dog licence tag at all times, making it a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership in Moncton.

Reasons for Licensing

Public Safety

By licensing your dog in Moncton, you contribute to public safety. A licensed dog is more likely to have a responsible owner, which helps reduce potential risks to the community. The license process also requires regular vaccinations against diseases like rabies, essential for maintaining a safe environment for both people and other animals.

Lost or Stolen Dogs

Obtaining a dog license for your pet in Moncton has its benefits, especially for lost or stolen dogs. If your dog goes missing, a license tag or microchip can significantly increase the chance of a successful reunion. When your dog is found with a license, the information on the tag, such as your contact details, helps rescuers and shelters contact you swiftly and return your beloved pet home. Additionally, dog licenses enable quicker identification of stolen pets and can aid in legal proceedings if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Moncton's dog bylaws?

Moncton has specific bylaws in place to ensure responsible pet ownership. These include mandatory dog licensing, leash laws, and rules regarding the number of dogs you can own. Familiarize yourself with these bylaws to keep your pet and community safe.

How to obtain a dog license in Moncton?

To obtain a dog license in Moncton, visit your local city hall or a designated licensing location. Bring proof of your dog's up-to-date rabies vaccination and the applicable fee. Licenses must be renewed annually.

Can I license my dog online in Moncton?

Yes, Moncton does offer online dog licensing. To register your dog online, visit the City of Moncton website and follow the instructions for pet registration. Be prepared to provide your dog's rabies vaccination certificate and pay the licensing fee.

How many dogs can I own in New Brunswick?

New Brunswick has no specific province-wide limit on the number of dogs you can own. However, municipalities may have restrictions. In Moncton, you can own up to three dogs per household.

Is dog registration required in NB?

Dog registration is not mandated on a provincial level in New Brunswick. However, individual municipalities may require dog licensing, like Moncton. Check your local bylaws for any dog registration requirements.

Where to get a dog license in Moncton?

You can obtain a dog license in Moncton at city hall, designated licensing locations, or through the City of Moncton's website. When registering, ensure you have your dog's rabies vaccination certificate and licensing fee.

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