Nova Scotia

Things To Do Near Amherst, Nova Scotia
Things To Do Near Amherst, Nova Scotia

Explore the best things to do near Amherst, Nova Scotia with Out N' Aboot! Discover stunning landscapes, historical sites, local cuisine, and vibrant communities. Plan your perfect adventure in Maritime Canada today.

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Duncan's Pub In Amherst | A Total Hit | Fish & Chips In Amherst, Nova Scotia

Three Amazing POTA Activations In Nova Scotia

Seaside Grill In Rexton, NB - Huge Hit | Fish & Chip Fridays With Missy & Stuart

POTA Activation at CA-0778 - Ile Aux Foins Hay Island Recreation Park | Neguac, NB

Ham Shack Renovations Project Day 7 | CTK RENOS from Shediac Continues To Impress

What Do You Love About Amateur Radio?

Stuart and Missy's Impromptu Dinner at Golden Fry in Shediac, NB

Best Summer Investment for POTA Activations - Little Pea Shades & Screens!

Nova Scotia POTA Activation | CA-6293 - Amherst Intercolonial Railway Station Historic Site

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