Best Practices
Top MSP Marketing and MSP Sales Professionals

Best Practices from Top MSP Marketing and Sales Professionals

Key Points:

  • The marketing paradigm is evolving from simple, time-tested digital strategies to innovative experiments.
  • While working in sales, you can use various techniques to win more clients and help your small business achieve its marketing goal.
  • There is a lot of information about sales professionals' best practices, but not everything applies to small business marketing.
  • You need to understand what approach works well for small business marketing and replicate it to achieve success.

There's a stark difference between a salesperson and a sales professional. A salesperson often sits on their hands and wonders why they haven't gotten any leads.

If you've watched Glen Gary Ross, they want those magical leads that the guys downtown get. Salespeople look for excuses for why their tactics and approaches aren't working.

Sales professionals, on the other hand, take ownership and action. A sales professional possesses the passion, ambition, discipline, and mindset to bring sales opportunities to fruition. If you're a small business owner, a sales professional is incredibly valuable for your company and will outperform salespeople.

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How Sales Professionals Should Behave

Small businesses want to close more sales deals. However, many lack the niche-specific marketing expertise to get the results they are after, driving them to hire a sales professional.

To make successful sales deals, sales professionals should execute the following best practices:

1. Putting the Right Tracking Tools on Your Website

Excellent sales professionals look for every opportunity to close a deal. A sales professional will watch their small business website and tracking mechanisms. If they spot some behavior from a potential prospect, they take action.

Putting the right analytic tool on your website allows your small business to get valuable insights that can help identify prospects, improve customer experience, and boost sales. The tracking allows you to get a variety of data, such as:

  • Time people spend on a specific page
  • Bounce rates
  • Number of visitors
  • Links people clicked on your site

You can use the information to get invaluable insights about your customer base and actions you can take on your small business to improve performance.

A sales professional understands that monitoring web traffic, impressions, and page view data can help them spot trends or cultural signal changes. If they spot such changes, you can use the information to reshape your strategies to future-proof your small business marketing strategy.

2. Looking for Every Sale Opportunity

Whether the company's existing customers or a new audience, a sales professional knows how to find new sales opportunities. Your sales force should constantly look for opportunities and seize any that arise.

For instance, great sales professionals execute never-ending sales prospecting by cold calling, in-person communication, and sales campaigns. The professionals don't waste resources reaching out to everyone— they only focus on sales-qualified people that can convert into sales. Otherwise, they might spend a lot without bringing in qualified leads.

Experts identify a company that qualifies as a potential customer by asking prospects intelligent questions about their budget. You will save time and effort by avoiding following up on unqualified leads.

Another way sales professionals seize sales opportunities is through referrals. The sales professional can reach out to their most loyal client and ask to be recommended to other businesses that may need your services. Chances are, your current client is friends with other potential clients that might need what your small business provides.

Other strategies that sales professionals use to find sales opportunities include:

  • Attending events and expos that attract potential customers
  • Re-contacting old customers
  • Improving search engine ranking to put your small business in the eyes of many prospects

3. Sending Out Emails to Potential Clients

A sales professional can email someone they researched or know needs your services. After all, sending an email doesn't require much effort — it's minimal at best.

However, many marketers complain that they send emails but don't get responses. Yes, as a marketing professional, you should be prepared to get a thousand non-responses, but one response will make it all worth it.

You need the right approach to make the most of your client reach-out campaign.

For instance, you should:

  • Specify the goal for reaching out the potential clients
  • Only email the right leads — businesses that need IT services
  • Contact the right person, ideally the business owner or other decision-makers
  • Choose the best contact method
  • Trigger immediate responses
  • Make prospects perceive value from your MSP services by backing your offering with something businesses care about
  • Track your email outreach campaign

Reaching out to potential clients is one thing and getting results is another. You should approach the reach-out campaign in a way that prospects will find your small business irresistible.

Your Small Business Deserves a Sales Professional That Acts

Sales make the world go round. If you're a small business owner, ensure you have sales professionals who act and take the initiative to find and close sales deals. No great sales professional wants to show up to work, stare at their computer for eight hours, and then go home.

The right sales professionals for your small business are competitive —- they live and breathe sales. You need someone who listens actively to identify the deep needs of your clients and then match them with the solutions your small business offers.

Your marketing team must understand that people make decisions based on feelings rather than logic. As a result, your sales force must know how to find a deeper emotional connection between what you offer and what your clients want to achieve.

If you're a sales professional, you should echo the right behavior to get more results for your business.

Out N' Aboot Marketing Can Shoulder all the Heavy Sales-Related Tasks For Your Small Business

Out N' Aboot Marketing has been helping Canadian MSPs to achieve greatness through tailored marketing strategies and transforming marketing practices.

Your business deserves a sales professional who will dig deep into your customers' pain points, then drill down hard until your prospects find it easy to close a sales deal. Book a meeting with us today to discuss how to improve your conversions and close more sales deals.

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