An Evening at Tide & Boar Gastropub, Moncton

Out N' Aboot's Stuart and Missy explore Moncton's popular Tide & Boar Gastropub. They share their culinary adventure of craft beers, Scotch eggs, and the much-anticipated fish & chips. Find out why their experience was a mixed bag.

Moncton Fish & Chips Adventures: Tide & Boar Gastropub

Stuart and Missy, the dynamic duo behind Out N' Aboot, always appreciate a good maritime culinary adventure. This time, we found ourselves at the Tide & Boar Gastropub on Main Street in the heart of Moncton. With an expansive selection of craft beers and an enticing menu, we had high hopes for this popular local eatery.

Ambiance & Craft Beers

The charm of Tide & Boar lies in its harmonious blend of modern sophistication with rustic appeal. On walking in, the first thing that caught Stuart's attention was their impressive range of craft beers. With such a varied selection, he couldn't help but dive right in with the Forum IPA, which he enjoyed so much that he decided to bring a four-pack back home.

Here is a rundown of our initial impressions:

Stuart's Favourite Forum IPA
Ambiance Modern sophistication with rustic appeal
Craft Beer Selection Impressive and varied

The Culinary Adventure

Our culinary adventure began with a Scotch egg, a traditional British dish Stuart described as 'remarkable.' The combination of a soft or hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, then breaded and fried, was undoubtedly a highlight.

However, the star dish of the evening, the fish and chips, did not quite live up to the hype. While it wasn't unpalatable, it didn't hit the culinary heights we hoped for. Missy also tried their specialty gravy, a unique blend of chicken and boar, but found it not quite to her liking.

Star Dish Fish and Chips
Stuart's Opinion Fell short of expectations
Missy's Opinion Specialty gravy was not quite to her liking

The Service

The service at Tide & Boar was somewhat of a mixed bag. We were served promptly at first, but a server oversight led to a delay of 20 minutes for our second beer flight. The issue was rectified promptly by offering the second flight as a complimentary gesture, which we considered a "nice save."

Service Mixed Bag
Time Taken 20 minutes delay due to server oversight
Rectification Complimentary second beer flight

Overall Experience and Rating

The overall experience was pleasant but didn't quite meet Out N' Aboot's expectations. While the initial offerings were impressive, the main event - the fish and chips - fell short. As a result, we would give this visit to the Tide & Boar Gastropub a rating of 'MISS'.

Final Words

While our experience wasn't flawless, we do encourage you to give Tide & Boar Gastropub a try for yourself. Moncton's dining scene is vast and versatile, with something for everyone.

Remember to follow Out N' Aboot on our culinary adventures as we continue our quest for the perfect fish and chips.

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